Today is 2nd day to work again. After finishing my daily life in village and after doing the changes this year. And its really big decision which is maked by me to through the life like this. Whos want to life like me? I feel like i am the only one who was slumped in the deep of water. No body can help me. Only GOD.

Everybody always want to be happy in their life. Exactly me too! But many reasons in our life not in line with our expectations. May be this is the best way who GOD choosen for our life. And it calls takdir and we should through our way in it. Be thankful of life is the best way. But it so hard to do honestly.

What happen to me? Family, spouse, co-workers are challenges for our life. Actually, i miss someone who can listen me, care to me same like my ex-college friend. He always help me when i need it. But its over.. he already getting married and i dont want to bother him again.

Enough for me and GOD to through this life and i hope i have the best way of my life. So sorry to tell that i miss you. Really miss you very much. If i have called back the time, i dont really want to let you leave me alone 😢.

If you respect with this post, please.. chat me more and give me some motivation! But i never to care for it and dont to respect with me again.