8. in my bag

In my bag……


Itu isi yg ada di dalam taskuuuu.. wkwkwk

Tidak seperti para wanita pada umumnya yg selalu membawa makeup kemanapun. Aku?? Cukup bawa parfum. Kenapa?? Karena aku orang yg aktif dalam aktifitasku, takutnya bau badan atau bau keti melanda. Wkwk *padahal dipake klo lagi inget aja.

30’s list of the things :
1. a few things about yourself
2. things you are good at
3. I am looking forward to..
4. today’s playlist
5. weekend goals
6. least favorite words
7. blog goals
8. in my bag
9. favorite websites and blogs
10. on my wishlist
11. date night ideas
12. weekly rituals
13. DIYs I want to try
14. things i love about…..
15. on my shopping list
16. places to see in your town
17. words that are hard to spell
18. road trip must-haves
19. recipes i want to try
20. celebrity crushes
21. things to do spring
22. today i saw
23. guilty pleasures
24. i make lists for
25. things i’d like to read this year
26. books i’d like to read this year
27. lessons learned
28. vacations to take
29. favorite foods
30. today’s to-do


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