Think smart to feel better

hi, just want to share..

actually, i always think better when i have alot of realization view of some case. just think better. and that make me feel better too..

but some time. we can awkward, feel bad when we take the bad case of our life.

now, i always think about something but i think it’s not the good position to make me better. likes i feel better when i have to think better.

yup! actually all of our body is resource from our brain. that our brain will control all of our condition of our environment.

but i’m not blame my environment. i always see my friends is happy.. i’m happy too. but i feel different likes them.

i always laugh when they laugh…i always affected when they sad.

i still feel different. and i think this feeling still same with the felt..

mom, father, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa. .. i miss you very much. i want to share my condition right now..

as likes i always tell to you the last. when i still a child.

i feel different. and i know why this feel is different

i still can’t to remove my bad thinking. my bad condition. cause i love him very much.

yeah! just one word why i feel bad. cause you “him”.. i can’t believe that you gone. i’m very desperate. please. don’t make me sad again.

i know, you have a girlfriend at moment. but, she’s very beautiful.

i knew dude..! you can’t to be mine. cause our religion is different. but, it’s some case to separate each other?

it’s not fair for me.. but it’s realization.

GOD.. please help me, if he’s better for me, please don’t make me sad when he gone. cause i think the true love exists.

but, when he worth. please. clean my brain to remove and clean from that person! i’ll be alright soon!


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