In my mind

wanna written something in my mind,

i think *always i think* i need some new enviroment when i was bored. yeah. now, i’m getting it. but………

why is my feel bad..? i’m so unpleasant condition. why? i don’t know about it.

in my mind just many tasklist which i must to do. and donno what the task one i must do first.

yeah. i think more even we talk about my daily activity. i just thinking of my future from now. that i must do some essay for graduating study at university *although this really far of my situation right now* finishing my work at now. but i’m so desprate when someone has become me down to earth..:(

many point which can me desprate. especially when i was hate someone or love someone. yah that’s it. why?

because when i hate someone i believe i just a little bit of him/her. because they are dominan type of his/her life. ihateit

then when i love some one it can make me desprate to0. because i always looking for information about him. and i’m not care about his status. single or relationship. ithink *i always thinking* that make me do some wasting time for looking it.:( that’s really bad:((

i hate that situation…………:((

and my situation feel now is i hate someone who kill me and make me desprate for a while.*benci*


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